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UMbaja economic forum 2022 

Diverse and qualitative participants came from Germany (Karlsruhe, Aachen, Bielefeld, Lage, Schwalmtal and Hanover), Ghana, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and United States of America, they discussed and exchanged knowledge and views on Democracy, Economy and Sustainability.


Opening & welcome

Mr. Saeed Maissara, Chairperson of UMBAJA e.V., held an opening speech on behalf of Umbaja e.V., he welcomed and thanked the participants, cooperation partners and donors who made the Umbaja Economic Forum 2022 possible.

Opening & welcome

Ms. Sarah Laustroer spoke on behalf of the VNB e.V. She confirmed the association's support for the forum and its themes, mentioning the importance of sharing successes and positive stories. She explained that dialogue is an important tool for change. Ms. Laustroer wished the participants a fruitful discussion and wished the forum every success.

Take a glance at her speech as: 



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keynote speech


Democracy, Economy and Sustainability, from a Global South Economic Perspective 

Dr Bashir Omer Fadlalla, the former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of Sudan, talked about the definition, benefits, challenges of democracy and its implementation today and his past work and experiences in Sudan. He spoke at length about the connecting factors of sustainability. At the end dr. Bashir made very important recommendations on the forum.

See his keynote speech here as:




Keynote speech

Mobilising local communities for achieving SDGs


Mr. Mofarih, the former Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments of Sudan, spoke about the main strategic goals of the Sudanese revolution and stated that the achieving the SDGs is a very important goal of the revolution. Mr. Mofarih updated the participants on his achievements and long history against the structure of extremism in the Sudanese state.

See his keynote speech here as:

PDF Presentation



open space

Oil industry between Sudan and South Sudan


Mr. Hasabel Rasoul Ali, an oil industry researcher from Alaska, USA, has spoken about the future of political stability in Sudan and South Sudan and how it will depend on stability in a cooperative ecological and social infrastructure building in the oil industry between the two.

Contact Mr. Ali

open space

The darkness of economic violence against women


Ms Taqwa Ahmed from Veendam in the Netherlands spoke about the role of women in micro and macroeconomics. She described how women in Sudan are dealing with the economic crisis at family level and also in local communities.

Contact Ms. Ahmed

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open space

The identity and peace building as a priority


Mr. Aamir Nassir Nimmir from Karlsruhe, Germany, discussed at length the importance of building peace as a prerequisite for any discussion of democracy, economy or sustainability. And about the need for legal institutional structure for a better usage of the resources including the oil.

Contact Mr. Nimmiri

working groups

Democracy, economy and sustainability


The participants worked in 3 working groups, Democracy, Economy and Sustainability. They discussed intensively in interactive participatory workshops on the topics of the forum and also on the papers and presentations of the keynote speakers, and they reported about the outputs and the results of these discussions through the working groups facilitators. 

The participants raised very important topics, questions and demands.

Click here to the outputs of the working groups

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