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Center of Political Beauty

Political resistance in 3rd Millennium: Weaponising the power of history.

Political resistance in the 21st century:

weaponizing the power of history

The Center for Political Beauty embodies a radical form of humanism. It is an assault troop that establishes moral beauty, political poetry, and human magnanimity. The Center fuses the power of fantasy with the power of history. Our fundamental conviction is that the legacy of the Holocaust is rendered void by political apathy, the rejection of refugees, and cowardice. We believe that Germany should not only learn from its history but also take action.

We shape political resistance in the 21st century, arming reality with moral fantasy and the power of history. Resistance is an art that needs to hurt, irritate, and unsettle. We experiment with the laws of reality and fill the space previously occupied by public intellectuals: the moral conscience.


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