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Dr. Bashir O. Fadlallah

Former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Sudan

Dr.. Bashir Omar Muhammad Fadlallah, Director of Development Department, Islamic Development Bank - Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the 80s in the time of the democratic regime in Sudan, imitate Dr. Bashir in public work as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of the Republic of Sudan, Minister of Culture and Information and official spokesperson for the Government of Sudan. Minister of Energy and Mining.

Dr. was born. Bashir Omar Muhammad on March 1, 1951. He graduated in 1973 with honors from the Faculty of Economics, University of Khartoum. Two years later, he obtained a master's degree in mathematical economics from the University of Manchester, and in 1980 he obtained a doctorate in economics from the same university. He spent the next five years teaching at the University of Manchester and German, Dutch and Ethiopian universities.

During his higher education, Dr. Bashir teaching practice, he worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Khartoum 1972-1973, and the University of Manchester 1973-1975, then he worked as a collaborating lecturer at the University of Manchester, at the same time Dr. Bashir holds the position of lecturer at Walton Hall 1975-1980, and lecturer, secretary and coordinator of master's and doctoral programs at the University of Manchester.

In 1980 Dr. Bashir became a lecturer and head of the Economics Department at the University of Khartoum until 1986. He also held important positions in the university, including; Secretary of the Council of the Economics Division, Secretary of the College of Economics and Social Studies, Coordinator of Masters and PhD Programs for the Economics Division, Dean of Students, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Economics and Social Studies. The work of Dr. Bashir as an External Examiner at the University of Harare, University of Nairobi and Addis Ababa University, and a visiting lecturer at Addis Ababa University 1991-1992. Lecturer at Al-Ahfad University for Girls 1993-1995. He worked as an economic advisor to the National Commercial Bank, the largest private bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is currently working as a Director of the Development Department at the Islamic Development Bank.

Dr.. Bashir is a member of many social organizations and associations, including; The British Regional Economists Association, the Sudanese Economists Association, the Islamic and Sudanese Economists Association, the East African Social Sciences Research Organization, and the Arab Economists Association 1980-1986. Member of the boards of directors of a group of banks, governmental and international institutions.

+966 50 465 2988

Dr. Bashir O. Fadlallah
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