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Mr. Nasr El-Din Mufreh

Former Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments, Sudan

Nasr El-Din Mufreh Ahmed Mohamed a Sudanese politician, held the position of Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments from September 2019 till October 2021.

He was born in 1979 in Al-Nehood, Sudan.

He holds a Diploma in Islamic Studies from Omdurman Islamic University, and a Bachelor of Arts, Department of Islamic Studies from Imam Al-Mahdi University.

He is a teacher worked for Khartoum International Preparatory Schools (KPS).

He is a political and human rights activist and an activist in civil society organizations.

Mr. Nasr El-Din Mufreh is the Director of Alaietidal organization for Dialogue, Peace building and combating Extremism, a non-governmental organization that works to consolidate the meanings of religious and societal dialogue and promote a culture of tolerance and aims to build peace, reject racism, abolish hate speech and combat extremism.

Mr. Mufreh held many positions in many different fields in Sudan:

Vice President of the Transitional Football Association Al Jazeera APA

Head of the Qatrat Ensemble for Literature and Arts

President of the Baobab Charitable Society, Al Jazeera APA

President of the Para Sports, Cultural and Social Club

Financial Secretary of the Voluntary Good Bread Initiative, Al Jazeera, Aba

Member of the Al Jazeera Youth Forum Aba

Member of the Al-Jazeera Alumni Association in universities and higher institutes

Member of the Voluntary Accidents Street Initiative Rabak - Al Jazeera ABBA

Member of the Good Offices Committee for Social Reconciliation Al Jazeera ABBA

+249 12 367 7733

Mr. Nasr El-Din Mufreh
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